22 Gut Feeling – Keeping your bugs happy

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We call the community of bugs that live in our intestines gut microbiota. It is sometimes called the body’s “forgotten organ” playing an important role beyond digestion and metabolism. Mostly, the bacteria and our gut live in harmony. How do we maintain this harmony?

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    I am 65, tall, 62 kg, relatively fit but with reflux. I have had a heart ablation 6 yrs ago, and i am only taking Nexium, now on 20mg for reflux disease. Gastrocopy shows I also have a hiatus hernia and signs of Barretts. My Nexium sometimes makes me ill, like a pressure on the sternum for 2 hrs approx. My doctor changed me to Pariet 40mg but still the same feeling so continued with Nexium. Always have water beside my bed because of dry mouth (due to medication). Because of Barretts, doctors would like me to continue with this medication. My diet is good, no onions, spicy foods etc etc. My only luxury is a coffee every morning and a glass of white wine, 2 per week or a beer on a hot day. Do i need PPIs for the Barretts?

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