A Wee Problem!

A Wee Problem!

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Urinary stress incontinence is a very common problem for women of all ages.  This predicament is not limited to women who have given birth, or who have been through menopause, or even the elderly: it affects one third of young women under the age of 30.

Treating the symptom might involve a pad; but it’s been well proven that pelvic floor exercises help achieve real and lasting results.

Like most exercises, regularity is the key.

In today’s busy life, making time and remembering can easily be pushed back in our timetable.

A new, Australian innovation can take the guesswork out of pelvic floor exercises.  PeriCoach is a device that is designed to be used discreetly by women a few minutes a day:  it’s like a personal trainer for a woman’s pelvic floor muscles.  It works in partnership with its user to regain confidence through enhanced control of their bladder, with the peace of mind of doing pelvic floor exercises at home.

PeriCoach is a compact device that has an inbuilt sensor, which links to a smart phone app via wireless Bluetooth connection to provide biofeedback.  This technique, up until now, has only been available in a clinical setting.  Sensors immediately display data feedback on the user’s smart phone screen.  The immediate feedback gives the user real time information, which is reassuring and motivating.

Pelvic floor physiotherapists have designed a set of programs of “squeezes” and relaxation, which escalates in intensity over the weeks of pelvic improvement.  Your exercise history is recorded, so there’s no more guessing about whether the exercises have been done or not.

Check www.pericoach.com/performing-exercises to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

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