Neuropathy in Diabetes

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Neuropathy is seen as a neuron disorder. This means that a functional part of the nervous system is not behaving normally.

Neuropathy equals nerve damage. It is commonly seen in diabetes, causing numbness, weakness and pain, especially in the hands and feet.

Brilliant medical marketing is directing sufferers to discuss this with their primary physician, who has been efficiently briefed on a drug-based solution which has it’s own adverse event issues.

Recent research is linking metformin – the most commonly prescribed drug in diabetes – to a deficiency in vitamin B12 levels, which in turn contributes to peripheral neuropathy. This research was presented to the European Association for the Study of Diabetes 2015 Meeting.

What is puzzling is that guidelines from the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, and the American Diabetes Association, do mention vitamin B12 deficiency as a risk of metformin treatment for type-2 diabetes, but they don’t make recommendations for screening or supplementation.

The consequences of vitamin B12 deficiency, like neuropathy or mental changes, might be profound, according to the lead researcher.

What this means is that the drug metformin might be contributing to peripheral neuropathy, separate from the effect of the diabetes itself.

So, where does this leave a person with diabetes?

You can have your levels of vitamin B12 checked, but why wait? If you have peripheral neuropathy, and you have diabetes, use a supplement of vitamin B12. It is very poorly absorbed in tablet form, so the best results are in a sub-lingual tablet (which dissolves in the mouth and allows absorption through the oral cavity) or as a liquid oral spray, again being absorbed through the mouth.

The researchers are quite unequivocal. Supplement with B12 if you have diabetes. The physicians though, are hesitant to agree with this.

I wonder why?



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  1. Eddy Zammit
    | Reply

    Hello Gerald I’ve just recently discovered you as I normally asleep at this time of night. I’m 68 and diabetic type 2.
    I do suffer with numbness under my feet and have lots of trouble sleeping. Now of cause I’ve found you on Thursday morning and look forward to your advise to people as some instances reflect on my health too.
    Thank you for your health advice and am looking foward to next week’s show.
    My name is Eddy and email address is
    Best regards

  2. Theresa Foster
    | Reply

    Hi ,this is exactly what I have being prescribed 300mg lyrica morning and night not always with effect ,you mention vit B in sub-lingual tablet can you please tell me where can I get these from ,any help or advice would be more than welcome . Thank you Theresa

  3. Jenny Phillips
    | Reply

    Hello, I have type 1 diabetes diagnosed 2 years ago. As my pancreas is still functioning I am on Meformin x 2 daily, Byetta injections x 2 daily, Lantus 25 units x 1 in the evening. Also on Rosuvestatin 10mg x 1 daily. Should I go on B12 for the metformin? I have loss of feeling in my feet and pain in the ends of toes sometimes. I am also wooly headed, have difficulty in functioning at work and suffer from insomnia. Your advice would be appreciated. Kind regards

  4. Sharon Wilkes
    | Reply

    Very Interesting! I didn’t have Neuropathy until I had been on metformin for 4 months.
    I have since stopped taking it, much to my GP’s disgust!

  5. Sharon Wilkes
    | Reply

    I am also taking a product with Nitric Oxide and that is having great results too!

  6. rod n eve
    | Reply

    ok we going to try this one ! after month or so or pain in toes, feet, ankle and taking metformin ! doh Dr didnt mention, even though hes a pretty good Dr, buying it tomorrow ! bring it on

  7. Pamela Berrie
    | Reply

    Can you suggest a shake that I could have. I do only have 3 meals a day never anything between meals my plate is only 8 inches wide. My last email to you tells you a great deal especially taking Lyrica. I am in tears every day.
    Pam Berrie

    • Gerald Quigley
      | Reply

      Use an OPTIFAST shake, mixed in water, with some Greek yoghurt.

  8. Julie Moorfoot
    | Reply

    Hello Gerald. Most interested in your advice about poor circulation in my hands and feet. Mainly my fingers become frozen on cold days. Also I regularly have tinnitus in my right ear and have had hearing tests and hearing is good. I’m 66yrs old and on no medication. Would you please let me know what I could take to relieve my symptoms. At present I take CQ10, Ginko and Vit D. Thank you, Julie Moorfoot

    • Gerald Quigley
      | Reply

      The only ginkgo with the evidence to support its use in tinnitus is called EGb761, available as TEBONIN and dose is ONE each morning.
      Increase your vitamin D to TWO each morning.

  9. Nerry Neal
    | Reply

    Dear Gerard, I came in at the end of your broadcast last night, and didn’t have a pen on hand to write down two products, which by what discription I managed to hear, may help me. One was for neuropathy of my feet, slight numbness of the right toes and the feeling of sand like condition between my ties. I believe you mentioned something like I…. acid, didn’t catch it all(half asleep). The other product you suggested was for a bursa problem which I have in the rota cuff area of my left shoulder, I think I heard you say three initials, but upon my waking this morning it has gone out of my head. I would appreciate clarity of these products, so that hopefully I may have some relief.

    Have you heard of Karma Rub, it has liquid magnesium, lemon myrtle, oil, iron, copper and Lithium.

    Regards, Nerry Neal

    • Gerald Quigley
      | Reply

      1. For neuropathy: lipoic acid 400mg twice a day along with vitamin B12 sublingual twice a day.
      2. MSM powder for bursitis – half a teaspoonful twice a day.
      Best wishes,

  10. Mrs Ann Arrowsmith
    | Reply

    A couple of weeks ago you mentioned a product to combat a persistent dry cough left after a flu like episode. Could you please repeat the name of the product.
    Also is it ok to take curcumin when you have type 2 diabetes and blood pressure?
    Thirdly, can you recommend something for severe flatulance, no pain, just embarrassment.
    Looking forward to your reply, Thank you

  11. Gerald Quigley
    | Reply

    1. FLO Sinus Kit before bed each night for the dry cough issues, along with a slightly elevated pillow
    2. Use Nagestic Osteo Acute tablets as the best option in diabetes and hypertension.
    3. Iberogast will settle all digestive imbalances.
    Best wishes and all from your local pharmacist.

  12. victoria
    | Reply

    Hi Gerald just listening to you before trying to get some sleep, what a joke Im awake every 3 hours walking on cold tiles to get some feeling back into my feet. The pain wakes me but they are numb.
    Im type 2 on metformin on cholestrol tabs on blood pressure on deptran and have just succumbed out of desperation to Lyrica but stopped after a week, as I felt more groggy in the mornings after the tablets than I do with broken sleep. Also taking currcumin,magnesium,krill oil eat a balanced diet.
    I rub feet with menthol rub each night but still wake every 3 hours or more with pain in my feet. this is ruining my life please help me.71 year old female seen neuro- surgeon neurologist have some spinal issues.and athritis

  13. Sue Sellar
    | Reply

    Hi Gerald
    My brother has peripheral neuropathy and diverticulosis from chemotherapy for pancreatic ca with liver metastases.
    Would Lipoic acid and vit B12, and Iberogast be appropriate?
    kind regards

  14. Phil Waller
    | Reply

    Hi gerald, i have numbness in my feet big time and my feet burn any help with this woud be greatly appreciated, also i take one losec every day and have done for years if you have a healthier alternative to this i woud be very intersted. I am type 2 diabetic.
    Regards Phil waller.

  15. Arthur Horne
    | Reply

    Hi Gerald we used to enjoy your show and found it excellent and very helpful by it has been discontinued I liv st Georges basin and2gb has taken over but does not compare to 2ue do u have a phone no as I do not have a website I am 70 yes old and not much good on computers thank u kindly

  16. Lee Knowles
    | Reply

    Hi Gerald,
    I am a 79 years old female and have not felt well for quite a while. Last year I was in hospital for 12 days suffering with high blood pressure, excess bowel motions and burning in my legs from my knees down to my ankles, also burning in my neck and head. Numerous tests were done on me including a MRI brain scan, CT scans of my body but when I was discharged from hospital, I went home with the same problems. My blood pressure is now under control. Since then through breath tests I have been diagnosed with helicobacter pyroli bacterium in my gut for which I have taken three different courses of strong anti-biotics until now I am finally rid of that bacteria. One of the gastro enterologists I saw said he doesn’t believe in pro-biotics but another gastro enterologist recommended Life Space 100 Billion Probiotic Powder and Normafibe Natural Fibre daily supplement so now I am taking both of them, the probiotic powder twice a day sprinkled on my yoghurt and 2 teaspoons of the natural fibre with a big glass of water and my bowel habits seem to be gradually settling. However, I still have this burning/numb feeling in my legs and head which seems to lessen when I have a big bowel motion. Could I still be feeling the effects of infection in my body and what would you recommend me to do?

  17. Carol
    | Reply

    Dear Gerald,
    Can you help?
    I have had a persistent cough since February. I have been on two lots of different antibiotics, which failed to solve the problem. Since then I have had two x-rays, blood tests, an ECG, nasal swab, breath test with ventolin, and an Ecco cardio. None of these tests showed anything. I have been diagnosed with “post nasal drip” in the past, and the symptoms are very similar. I cough until I almost vomit, and I am short of breath, with no energy. I have tried various products like ventoilin and nasal sprays, but am now confused as just what to take. With thanks

  18. Myles Reza
    | Reply

    Dear Gerald,

    I know you from 2UE station and other station, Im suffering Chronic Relocation Syndrome unknowingly moved out from my comfort zone, ie, stress, hyper-anxiety, OCD, worries, frustration, dissappointment, Apnea, failures etc… Please advise…Sincerely, God bless

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