Garlic: What’s so good about it?

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Most of us love garlic.  It adds some real zing to our cooking. Even those who supervised the building of the Egyptian pyramids knew enough about garlic to provide it to their workers to help stamina, endurance and recovery from … Read More

Do Children Need Vitamin Supplements?

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According to a recent article in The Conversation, the general comment is made that “the children most likely to be given vitamin supplements were the ones least likely to need them”. This comment was based on the results of a … Read More

Food and Drug Interaction

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When food and drinks interact with medication, the particular medication may not work sufficiently, or the drug can become too powerful as our body has trouble handling it properly. Here are some common examples, as discussed on 2CC Canberra with … Read More

Overeating…..can we control it?

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Many of us find it difficult to control ourselves when we start eating. How can we limit out portions? Portion control is a struggle for most of us at the best of times, and because it such a common problem, … Read More

A Wee Problem!

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Urinary stress incontinence is a very common problem for women of all ages.  This predicament is not limited to women who have given birth, or who have been through menopause, or even the elderly: it affects one third of young … Read More

Heartburn medicines and weight gain

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Nexium and other heartburn medicines can cause weight gain, as can other medications such as certain antidepressants, beta-blockers and antihistamines. This reinforces the issue about speaking to your doctor or pharmacist before starting any medication. It’s important to understand all … Read More

Heartburn Relief

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Heartburn, indigestion, reflux, GORD …..whatever the name…. when an attack occurs it’s no fun! Heartburn occurs when stomach acid backs up into your oesophagus. I have seven lifestyle changes, which may eliminate or reduce the frequency of your symptoms: Avoid … Read More

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