Electronic Cigarettes: Safe or Not?

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One of the unintended adverse consequences of nanotechnology in general, is that by making a substance substantially smaller in size than would occur naturally, the substance may exhibit significantly higher toxicity when in nano- particle form. Contrary to the older … Read More

Let’s Be More Positive in 2014!

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We need to understand that it’s impossible to go an entire year without navigating through some challenges.  That’s just life! Experts tell us that happiness is a choice that we can make, and that it’s not something that is entirely … Read More

Cholesterol Foods

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After the recent Catalyst program on the ABC, there’s renewed interest in using food choices to help balance lipid levels. So, I’ve put together a simple list of foods you might consider, each in their own special way, helping balance … Read More

Cholesterol, Catalyst and the ABC

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Last October, the ABC showed two consecutive episodes of their science program called Catalyst. The program sparked controversy, because the two-part special described the link between saturated fats, cholesterol and heart disease as a “medical myth”, and downplayed the benefits … Read More

Krill Oil

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In a perfect world, you would be able to get all of the omega-3s you need by eating fish.  Unfortunately, less than 10% of adult Australians eat the required level of fish in their diet. Unlike fish oils, krill oil … Read More

The Multivitamin Argument

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The recent research findings from 1,443 Australians who take a multivitamin has once again reignited the benefits or otherwise of taking a supplement.  NPS Medicinewise has marched into the findings, urging Australians to “take care” and to be aware of … Read More

What to expect as we age

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Do you wonder what is considered a normal part of ageing?  We know that ageing will likely cause us to develop wrinkles and grey hair.  But do we know how the aging process will affect our teeth, heart and sexuality? … Read More

Multivitamin and mineral supplements help mood

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People who consume vitamin and mineral supplements appear to be in better mood than supplement non-users, according to the results of a meta-analysis published last month in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioural Medicine.   Researchers analyzed eight double-blinded, … Read More

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