Shake It Weight Loss: Does It work?

Shake It Weight Loss: Does It work?

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The Shake It program is simple: it restricts sugars and high GI carbohydrates, whilst increasing lean protein.

There’s one meal during the day which is replaced with a Shake It option, but you are empowered to choose the options for your other two meals.

Understanding portion size is fundamental to weight loss. The Shake It program supplies every piece of information you need to ensure your success. There’s a comprehensive list of recommendations – this makes it different from other programs as it allows plenty of flexibility.

The best part of this is the inclusion of the VLA assessment. The VLA gives you measurements of fat mass and muscle mass.

It’s quite amazing as weight loss is reflected by fat mass reduction.

The challenge is to take fat away, but keep muscle mass balanced. Hydration is vital as well, because weight loss is meaningless if you regain lost weight once you have stopped making sensible food choices.

Essentially, Shake It is a tailored program for every individual, and is based on the latest science and evidence.

The process of fat burning is assessed with a simple urine test, which measure a by-product of fat burning called ketones.

My patients tell me that the program is simple, their appetite is much lower once the program is initiated, and that it’s versatile. Once the six-week program is finished, continuing the weight loss is easy, simply by continuing to follow the protocols.

Shake It is easy, effective and in many cases, is can attract a rebate from your private health insurer.








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  1. Barbara Harman-Smith
    | Reply

    I need to lose weight but exercise is difficult for me at the moment as I have a few health issues.
    How do I obtain or join the Shake It program please?
    With kind regards

  2. jane smith
    | Reply

    a very useful review. can you tell me, is this ketogenic?

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