About Gerald

"To empower each person

to take responsibility for their health,

and to work together with their health care team

to ensure the best health outcomes."

Gerald Quigley is a practising Community Pharmacist, as well as an Accredited Herbalist.

These joint qualifications give Gerald a unique overview of health from a holistic perspective. This means that Gerald does not only look at the symptomatic treatment which leaves a gap in the recovery phase.

Our health is something we value, and like servicing a car, needs constant fine tuning in times of illness and exposure to constant stress.

As newer medicines are released, patients need more and more information to help understand the medicine's actions and expected outcomes.

What medicine can be taken with what vitamins and nutritional support; are they safe in the long term; are they any better than the tried and true medicines that have been around for a long time these are questions which Gerald is constantly challenged by.

The information on this website will not, and never should, take the place of direct consultation with a health professional.

Note that Gerald complies with the Health Complaints Commissioners code of conduct available for download here.

The information on this website is only a guide to help you understand the complex health issues which confront all of us.

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Professional Details

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Diploma of Botanical Medicine

Post Graduate Diploma of Ayurvedic Herbology

Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Pharmacy Practice

National Herbalists Association of Australia

Australian Traditional Medicine Society

Professional Pharmacists Australia

Australian Homeobotanical Institute of Australia