• A Wee Problem
  • Statins and Brain Function Decline
  • Trends in Nutrition: Where Are We Heading?
  • Cholesterol, Catalyst and the ABC
  • Saline Therapy

Saline Therapy

It was Ayurveda, the ancient traditional Hindu science of health and medicine that first recommended washing nasal cavities with saline water daily – a practice called ‘Neti’. Salt therapy, as we now know it, was discovered over 150 years ago.  It has its origins in Eastern Europe where physicians noticed that the miners who worked Read more…

Botanica Ageing Chat Event for March


What role does inflammation play in the gradual development of disease?

Come and chat about slowing the ageing process with Gerald Quigley at

Mossgreen Tea Rooms

926-930 High St

Armadale 3143

2 PM on Thursday, March 5th


Tea, coffee, sandwiches provided at no charge.

Limited to three attendees – so be quick! 

RSVP to Botanica or through gerald@geraldquigley.com

  • A Wee Problem

    Urinary stress incontinence is a very common problem for women of all ages. This predicament is not limited to women who have given birth, or who have been through menopause, or even the elderly: it affects one third of young women under the age of 30. Treating the symptom might involve a pad; but it’s Read more…

  • Statins and Brain Function Decline

    In a recent edition of Body & Soul, there was an article about a new drug called aliocumab, wherein its medical press release stated it would “gobble up cholesterol”. The FDA has asked for an assessment of the safety of this drug, giving investors cause for alarm. No concern for the end-user though it seems! Read more…

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