• It Smells Fishy: Media Silence Over Benefits of Omega-3
  • Garlic: What is so good about it?
  • Food and Drug Interaction
  • Overeating: Can We Control It?
  • Too Much or Too Little Sleep Can Elevate The Risk of Depression

Garlic: What is so good about it?

  Most of us love garlic.  It adds some real zing to our cooking. Even those who supervised the building of the Egyptian pyramids knew enough about garlic to provide it to their workers to help stamina, endurance and recovery from illness. We know much more about garlic today, and the most exciting health news Read more…

Botanica Weight Loss Event for April

Weight loss………………who said it’s easy?

Come along for some sensible discussions on weight management. Let’s see what works, what doesn’t, and more especially, what might work for YOU!

Gerald Quigley, 3AW’s Health Commentator, will lead the discussions. Gerald consults at Botanica, 228 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern.

Bring your questions and concerns along to

Mossgreen Tearooms

926-930 High St

Armadale 3143

on Thursday April 24 2014 at 2pm on for an informal chat!


To confirm your attendance, reply to:


Coffee, tea and a complimentary protein bar and information on sensible weight management will all be provided.

  • It Smells Fishy: Media Silence Over Benefits of Omega-3

      It was big news…and positive. A new meta-analysis of over seventy (70) randomized clinical trials (that’s the gold standard) showed omega-3 supplements and fortified foods could significantly improve blood pressure. If you look at the pyramid of scientific evidence, systematic reviews and meta-analyses sit at the very top. So you’d think that when faced Read more…

  • Food and Drug Interaction

    When food and drinks interact with medication, the particular medication may not work sufficiently.   The drug can become too powerful as our body has trouble handling it properly. Here are some common examples, as discussed on 2CC Canberra with Luke Bona, on March  3rd 2014: Grapefruit juice interacts with several drugs and may affect Read more…