• Zinc and Kidney Stones
  • Fish Oils: The Essential Nutrients
  • The Curse of the Ageing Joints
  • A Wee Problem
  • Statins and Brain Function Decline

Fish Oils: The Essential Nutrients

There are good fats and there are bad fats. Artificially produced trans-fatty acids are bad in any amount. Saturated fats from animal products should be kept to a minimum. The best fats (or oils rather, since they are liquid at room temperature) are those that contain essential fatty acids so named because without them we Read more…

Botanica Ageing Chat Event for July


What role does inflammation play in the gradual development of disease?

Come and chat about slowing the ageing process with Gerald Quigley at

Mossgreen Tea Rooms

926-930 High St

Armadale 3143

2 PM on Thursday, July 16th


Tea, coffee, sandwiches provided at no charge.

Limited to three attendees – so be quick! 

RSVP to Botanica or through gerald@geraldquigley.com

  • Zinc and Kidney Stones

    New research on kidney stone formation reveals that zinc levels might contribute to an increased risk. Research from the University of California, published in PLOS ONE opens a new perspective into the cause of urinary stones and related diseases.   We all know people who are prone to kidney stones. Once you’ve developed a first Read more…

  • The Curse of the Ageing Joints

    Have you started to notice that you may not be quite as supple as you remember? Maybe you can’t quite reach your toes like you used to; or, perhaps climbing the stairs is causing you some knee pain? You might think it’s finally happening – you are getting older! The questions naturally follow: Why do Read more…

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