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Neuropathy in Diabetes
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Neuropathy is seen as a neuron disorder. This means that a functional part of the nervous system is not behaving normally. Neuropathy equals nerve damage. It is commonly seen in diabetes, causing numbness,... Read More

Dealing with Menopause

Gerald Quigley is a practising Community Pharmacist, as well as an Accredited Herbalist. These joint qualifications give Gerald a unique overview of health from a holistic perspective. This means that Gerald does not only look at the symptomatic treatment which leaves a gap in the recovery phase.

Balance by Deborah Hutton is about inspiring and empowering mature women to pursue their passions and find the ideal life balance for the next stage of life.

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House of Wellness

House of wellness
The House of Wellness is designed to help Australia "Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well and Look Fabulous".
Gerald is one of the panelists on this weekly Sunday radio talk held every Sunday from 9AM - 10 AM AEST on 3AW.
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