Do you have a sense of purpose?

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Having a sense of purpose protects your heart and adds years to your life. Scientists have found that people who felt strongly that their lives have meaning, or that they are “useful” to others were at lower risk for heart … Read More

What are my TEN healthiest foods?

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Here’s a list of the top 10 healthiest foods to eat, which have the most nutrition for every food calorie, enabling you to maintain a healthy weight, and get the healthiest bang for your buck! Choosing these foods will help … Read More

Screening over-70s for memory issues

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An international panel has recommended that people over 70 be tested each year for problems with memory and reasoning. They claim that the goal is to detect treatable disease, to provide lifestyle guidance to slow cognitive impairment, to identify patients … Read More

Job Stress and Sleep Disturbances

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A new study published in the journal Sleep, suggests that there might be a reciprocal, causal pathway between job strain and disturbed sleep, implying that interventions to treat sleep problems might improve work satisfaction. Results show that higher work demands … Read More

Zinc and kidney stones

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New research on kidney stone formation reveals that zinc levels might contribute to an increased risk. Research from the University of California, published in PLOS ONE opens a new perspective into the cause of urinary stones and related diseases. We … Read More

Garlic: What’s so good about it?

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Most of us love garlic.  It adds some real zing to our cooking. Even those who supervised the building of the Egyptian pyramids knew enough about garlic to provide it to their workers to help stamina, endurance and recovery from … Read More

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